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Estaleiro Ilha Shipyard of Brazil Invests in the Autoship System

Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada is pleased to announce a new installation of their naval architecture and ship production software to Estaleiro IIha (EISA) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. EISA has chosen ‘The AutoSHIP WORKS Package' which will allow to them to carry a new project from hull lines right through to nested parts in a shorter time frame and with more accuracy.

‘The AutoSHIP WORKS Package' consists of Autoship® (hull design), Autopower® (resistance & power prediction), Autohydo® (hydrostatics & stability), Autoplate® (shell expansion), Autostructure® (internal structural design) and Production ManagerTM (nesting & parts management). This system offers robust functionality with the best in GUI (graphical user interface) design, resulting in better use of the user's time. Autoship Systems continues to see strong growth amongst shipyards who realize that bringing their marine engineering in-house will allow them to have faster, better and lower cost results.

Autostructure 4.0 Global Layout
Estaleiro Ilha S.A. opened in 1995 at the facilities of the former Estaleiro EMAQ, a traditional Brazilian shipbuilder since 1949. EISA took part in Naval Construction Programs created by the Brazilian government which in the 1970's made Brazil the world's 2nd largest producer, surpassed only by Japan. EISA's infrastructure for the shipbuilding includes ability to construct vessels up to 280m long, as well as carrying out general repair, conversion, up-grade and modifications. Complex conversions on supply vessels and barges as well as drag upgrading are also a part of EISAs portfolio. The existence of two lateral construction ramps allows the simultaneous construction of at least two large vessels, allowing for good production capacity and industrial flexibility. Training on the Autoship System will be completed at the EISA facility by Autoship staff over 2 weeks to ensure complete implementation of the suite in the shortest possible timeframe.

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Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) is a marine software developer based in Vancouver, Canada. For over 30 years, ASC has been producing first class software design solutions for naval architects and marine engineers around the world. ASC has also been providing world-class load planning systems and loading instruments to the marine shipping industry.

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