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Kelvin Hughes' ice navigation radar offers safety, manoeuvrability and cost benefits

Kelvin Hughes' MDICE software enables a commercial MantaDigitalTM radar to deliver ice navigation capabilities that match or exceed the performance of special-purpose ice navigation radars at a much lower cost.

Introduced early in 2011, Kelvin Hughes's revolutionary MDICE ice navigation radar technology is already receiving high praise from satisfied customers.

MDICE software is installed in a MantaDigitalTM radar and requires no additional or specialised hardware. MDICE provides an enhanced, 3D like radar image of ice, debris and other stationary or slow moving objects, displayed as part of the enhanced target display (ETD) functionality on any of the current MantaDigitalTM range of radars.

"Our ice navigation radar has the lowest purchase and maintenance cost on the market," said Flemming Haase, Kelvin Hughes' Ice Navigation expert, "and if a vessel already has MantaDigitalTM radar fitted, the software upgrade is very easy and extremely cost effective.

MDICE is the best performing radar system for navigating in all types of ice conditions. In calm conditions it performs as well as any special purpose ice navigation radar, while in rough seas it comfortably exceeds their performance."

Mikko Lindqvist, Master of the Finnish cargo vessel Baltic Excellent, said. "The ice navigator mode on MantaDigitalTM works very well, especially when we are operating in ice channels in the Baltic Sea. It displays the channel in 3D and it is easier to follow than on a conventional display. In open sea the ice mode helps us to see and find the ice walls."

Craig Whiteway, the Woodward Group's Marine Operations Superintendent, said: "Our Kelvin Hughes' MantaDigitalTM radar with ice navigator software has surpassed all expectations. In a difficult Arctic environment it has proven to be an excellent tool in assisting the bridge team to select the safest passage through ice infested waters." The Woodward Group provides marine services in the transportation of freight, passengers and fuel within Newfoundland, Labrador and the Canadian Arctic.

MantaDigitalTM systems employ the modern widescreen display format to provide two radar pictures on one screen. The MDICE processing can be applied to either the main or secondary radar window. This unique feature allows the operator to use the radar in the normal manner with the powerful addition of a simultaneous ice detection view.

MDICE improves target detection by means of a scan-to-scan correlation technique which integrates the returns from a large number of scans. Advanced image processing techniques enhance the visual quality of these returns, allowing clearer target differentiation via a quasi-3D representation. Adjustable gain controls allow the operator to achieve the best possible presentation in varying conditions.

"The availability of efficient, cost effective ice navigation radar is becoming increasingly important as changes to the Arctic sea ice open up commercial opportunities for high latitude navigation in new trading routes," said Mr Haase.

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 - A typical ice channel in the Baltic
 - The ice channel visible with MDICE
 - MV Baltic Excellent
 - MantaDigitalTM Dual Display
 - Woodward Group's MV Tuvaq


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Kelvin Hughes Ltd is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of maritime navigation, surveillance and security radar systems. The company sets the international standard in solid state radar sensor technology with SharpEye™ and its market leading tactical and situational awareness radar display software’s.

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