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RS and RRR recognition certificates for manufacturer

Fluidmecanica is the first European company awarded with the Recognition Certificates for Manufactures by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) and Russian River Register (RRR), with the scope:

The Certificates have the following scope:
 - Rudder stocks including their flanges
 - Anchor stoppers
 - Device for securing and releasing the inboard end of the chain cable or rope
 - Towing arrangements
 - Thrusters
 - Steering gear (engines)
 - Windlass and anchor capstans
 - Mooring capstans and winches
 - Towing winches
 - Boat winches
 - Cargo winches
 - Marine winches
 - Anchor and mooring windlasses
 - Towing winches
 - Hydraulic equipment
 - Lifting appliances
 - Steering gears
 - Tunnel thrusters
 - Towing hooks
 - Fin stabilizers
 - and spare parts of them.

In this way, Fluidmecanica has become the first and only European company to obtain these certificates for the design and manufacture of this naval machinery.


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