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Brief totals of Marine Engineering Bureau 2011 work

27 new vessels and 8 vessels after considerable re-equipment were built and put into operation due to Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) projects during 2011. Summarized deadweight of these vessels is of 171 000 tons (133000 for new building and 38000 for modernization).


 16 multi-purpose dry-cargo vessels (RSD44, DCV36, RSD18, 007RSD07, 005RSD06.04 prjs.), 4 tankers-of RST22M prj., 2 marine diving vessels of SDS08 prj., 2 supply vessels for Kamchatka region of DCV47 prj., 2 livestock carriers (LSC02 and LSC03 prjs.) and 1 multifunctional buoy craft vessel of BLV01 prj. were built.
3 dry cargo vessels of 05074M prj., 3 dry cargo vessels of 16290 prj. (DCV10 prj.), 1 dry cargo vessels of 1565 prj., 1 dry cargo vessel of 00352 prj. were modernized.
Vessels were built at:
  • Russian shipyards (9 dry-cargo vessels, 2 marine diving vessels, 2 supply vessels and 1 buoy craft vessel, 14 vessels in total );
  • Chinese shipyards (6 dry-cargo vessels);
  • Turkish shipyards (4 tankers and 2 livestock carriers);
  • Ukrainian shipyards (1 dry-cargo vessel).
Modernizations were taken place at: Ukrainian shipyards (3 vessels), Russian shipyards (4 vessels) and Turkish shipyards (1 vessel).
Moreover, 7 multi-purpose dry-cargo vessels (DCV36, RSD44, RSD18 and RSD49 prjs), 2 multipurpose salvage vessels (MPSV07 prj.), 2 tanker/product carriers (RST22M and RST25 prjs.), 1 ferry boat (CNF10 prj.) and 1 livestock carriers (LSC04 prj. ) are being completed after launching.


Please see Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) company electronic office

Marine Engineering Bureau - non-state design and engineering company, recognized by the Russian Maritime Register of shipping, Russian River Register and the Register of Shipping of Ukraine.

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