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Large freezer trawler General Troshev delivered to Customer

Hotchya Marine Design has completed the construction and sea trials of a large freezer trawler, General Troshev, and delivered it to the customer.

The design of large freezer trawler General Troshev allows the vessel to catch fish using bottom and mid-water trawling. The vessel is built for a certain class in the Russian Marine Registry of Shipping and has an unlimited navigation area.


Design speed - 14.3 knots, displacement - 5715 tons. The vessel is 104.5 meters long, width - 16 m, depth - 10.2 m, deadweight - 1757 tons and equipped with modern navigation and communication systems. Cruising capacity is up to 70 days.

Frozen fish stored in two fish storerooms at a temperature of 28°— and can be transferred to the cargo refrigerators at sea or delivered directly to port.

The main power plant of the vessel includes a diesel geared assembly unit with two diesel engines manufactured under the license from Pielstick, rated capacity of 6800 EHP.

Crew can consist of up to 96 people. The vessel is furnished with 4 suits, 12 single rooms, 32 double rooms, 4 four-bed cabins, as well as saloon and dining room for the crew.

In line with new international standards, the vessel is equipped with a special care area, women's and men's locker rooms, air locks and washstands with contactless electronic control.

The ship has been named after the Hero of Russian Federation, General Gennady Nikolaevich Troshev, commander of federal troops in Chechnya and Dagestan.


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The company Hotchya Marine Design performs a full range of services, such as, consulting, design, engineering and construction management of all types of ships, including those for the oil and gas industry operating in the Far North. Our experience enables us to be the leading ship designer and builder with any level of complexity.

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