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B&W Mechanical Handling: Two Reasons to Celebrate

10 years of successful ownership within the AUMUND Group of companies and 45 years of experience with mobile solutions

Ely, September 2012 - B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd of Ely, in the country of Cambridgeshire, England, well known for its range of Samson™ surface feeder equipment, mobile Shiploaders and the mobile Stormajor™ radial boom stacker, entered the AUMUND Group back in 2002 joining  the existing core group members AUMUND Foerdertechnik and  SCHADE Lagertechnik. AUMUND Fördertechnik are well known for their specialised conveying equipment mainly in the Cement, Steel and Mining industries. SCHADE are well established as a key market maker in the Stacker/Reclaimer business with extensive references in the Power and Coal Mining sectors plus Cement and Fertilizer.

The B&W product portfolio proved to have considerable synergy with the existing Group product range and found a ready market initially in the Cement sector and latterly in Power particularly handling Alternative Fuels and Biomass materials as part of the worldwide sustainability ambitions of the major electricity generators and cement manufacturers. With their mobile Shiploaders and Stormajor™ B&W brought excellent connections to the Ports and Marine Terminals business sector spawning a new Group Sales Division for this market.

The history of B&W goes back to 1967 with the formation of B&W Engineering as a partnership between Raymond Woodbine and Tom Brown trading in the city of Ely and dealing with local farmers and growers in the agricultural industry. With the 1976 boom in the UK farming industry the business expanded rapidly and the limited company was formed. The Samson™ surface feeder was born from these boom times specifically designed for root crops but soon to be diversified into the industrial sector handling aggregates, coal, clay and heavier minerals as the application range expanded. The early machines in farming were always mobile allowing the equipment to be moved from farm to farm. This inherent mobility proved a major bonus in the Ports and Marine Terminals sector since by combining a Samson™ with a mobile loading boom any bulk material could be exported from any berth providing a flexible bulk export facility without dedicated port infrastructure. This concept has since been extended to ever larger machines able to load Panamax or even Capesize vessels at loading rates to 2,500 tons per hour.

Over the past 10 years in the AUMUND Group the B&W products have become modularised for an international market with localised specifications tailored for each specific geographical market sector.

As a result B&W have evolved from a parochial manufacture tied effectively to the UK market into an international player with the support of an extensive multinational Group including integrated sales and service companies on every continent, supporting clients in their local market, in their time zone and speaking their language.

The concept of high performance mobile handling solutions has also found favour in the Mining and Minerals sector. B&W have extended their product range with the addition of track mounted options for their existing products plus a new range of specialised Mobile Conveyors, Link Conveyors, Stackers and Shiploaders engineered to satisfy the exacting demands of the professional miner.

B&W have grown within the AUMUND Group from humble beginnings and today are important players in the international bulk materials handling industry.


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