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VIP-cabins of Vikramaditya will meet luxury class standards

Specialists of MCS Ltd. together with shipbuilders of JSC PO Sevmash start outfitting commanding officers cabins on board of Vikramaditya aircraft carrier.

It should be reminded that the routine inspection of the retrofit works in progress by the Indian delegation headed by the Manager for Production Control and Procurement of Naval Ships, Vice Admiral Nadella Niranjan Kumar included the inspection of the wheelhouse, flag bridge, launch control station, aircraft ammunition arsenal and aircrafts hangar. Vice Admiral of India also visited the living quarters of the aircraft carrier, captain`s cabin, galley and chief petty officers` mess. Following the inspection JSC PO Sevmash received a request-memorandum for modification of the wheelhouse, flag bridge, flagship command post and launch control station as well as establishment of a ship museum by uniting three rooms in one.

It is worthy of note that after outfitting completion, light aircraft carrier Vikramaditya will become a flagship of the Indian Navy, that is become the best one. This is why upon the request of the Indian group of inspectors and the ship`s crew the VIP-cabins will be outfitted. The luxury outfitting will be done in the suits of the captain and senior officer as well as senior officer`s wardroom. As the result of the tender held by JSC Nevskoye Design Bureau the order for these works was won by Marine Complex Systems Ltd., the company providing comprehensive technical solutions for outfitting ship premises to the Russian shipbuilding market. These solutions are aimed to improve the living conditions of the personnel of the aircraft carrier. The specialists of MCS Ltd. in the shortest time provided alternative solutions and design layouts for the projects, which suited the Indian customer`s taste. All offered materials for the project comply with the strictest quality and esthetic standards.

MCS Ltd. and JSC PO Sevmash concluded the contract in the end of February. Scheme of furnishing admiral` wardroom, admiral and captain`s cabins offered by MCS Ltd. were approved by the Joint Staff of the Indian Navy: interior design, furniture design and applied materials were also agreed.

The members of the Indian delegation remained satisfied with the progress of the works. JSC PO Sevmash plans to commission the ship in the 4th quarter of 2013.


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Marine Complex Systems Ltd. provides services in construction and maintenance of civil and naval shipbuilding projects as well as marine, offshore and industrial onshore projects on the territory of the Russian Federation and in the CIS region. MCS has their own service centers located in key shipbuilding regions.

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