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MCS Ltd. participated in the meeting related to the establishment of industrial and innovation type economic areas (Technoparks) in Arkhangelsk region

On April 17th of 2013 in Arkhangelsk there was held a meeting with participation of the representatives of the Government of Arkhangelsk Region, namely the Governor Igor Orlov, Minister of Industry Andrey Shestakov and the representatives of Marine Complex Systems Ltd., namely Director Mikhail Motsak and Commercial Director Pavel Zubkov.

First of all it implies the establishment of a shipbuilding industrial area (technopark) and Marine Complex Systems Ltd. is ready to implement this project.

This project will be a favorable environment for development and promotion of innovative technologies, which provides for efficient and balanced supply of the up-to-date technological solutions to the Russian industry, and encourages the growth of “foreign product replacement” in the shipbuilding industry. It will also become a certain ground for successful development of small and medium size industrial innovative enterprises of the North-Western region, aimed at commercialization of the scientific and research products, concepts, developments, models and technologies.

According to the head of the region, technopark in Arkhangelsk region shall become not only an element of the shipbuilding infrastructure but also a “social buffer”. This refers to the establishment of small and medium size business enterprises as well as a considerable amount of new workplaces. The Governor emphasized that innovative technologies of the technopark shall be used not only in shipbuilding industry but also in construction, housing and utilities as well as other fields significant for the region.

 - “At present, it is important for the regional government and all the parties concerned to make a decision regarding the territorial planning оf the zone. It does not necessarily mean Arkhangelsk or Severodvinsk. During the period of technopark establishment we will provide a package of maximum benefits in order to promote business development. This is why in 2013 we have to develop all the necessary regulatory, organizational and personal base for the technopark to start working”, — summarized Igor Orlov.


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Marine Complex Systems Ltd. provides services in construction and maintenance of civil and naval shipbuilding projects as well as marine, offshore and industrial onshore projects on the territory of the Russian Federation and in the CIS region. MCS has their own service centers located in key shipbuilding regions.

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