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Solemn keel laying of big mixed river-sea going vessel (with motor-electric propulsion) of PV09 prj. at Brothers Nobel Shipyard in Rybinsk

On 18.02.2014 solemn keel laying ceremony for high-comfort cruise passenger vessel of PV09 prj. (class notation M-PR, building No. 100) took place at Brothers Nobel Shipyard; that is a brunch of Moscow Shipbuilding & Shiprepairing Yard (Vladimir Nemchin is a general director).
Technical project PV09 was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
PV09 cruise passenger vessel is intended for cruise voyage through European inland waterways of Russia, including Volgo-Balt, Volgo-Don, Belomor-Baltiysk Canal, Volga river, Moscow River; also at lines between Moscow port, St.-Petersburg port and Belomorsk port through Belomor-Baltiysk Canal; with sailing to White Sea and to the region of islands Solovetskie, Gulf of Finland; Caspian, Azov and Black Seas.
Vessel's air draught allows sailing under bridges of Moscow River.
Vessel is a triple deck type, with vertical stem and transom aft end, with double-tier middle located deck-house, with wheel-house located fore, with ER located aft, with diesel-electric power unit, with 2 full-turned rudder propellers, with fore bow thrusters, with "Ice 20" ice category.
Vessel's main particulars are as follows:
Length overall - 95.88 m;
Length due design WL - 94.30 m;
Breadth overall - about 13.80 m;
Breadth due design WL - 13.00 m;
Depth (main deck) - 3.80 m;
Air draught at draught of 1.8 m - 8.80 m;
Draught due to design WL - 1.80 m;
Displacement due to design WL - 1860 t;
Autonomy - 10 days;
Decks' number - 3 living ones and single promenade one;
Operational speed - about 22.5 km/h;
Maximal speed - about 25 km/h;
RRR class notation - л-PR 2.5 (ice 20) ю.
Movement and manoeuvrability of the vessel is provided by two stern full-circle rudder propellers with double fixed-pitch propeller. There are two propulsion motors of 1200 KWt electrical capacity each; mechanical power on each drive shaft is of 1100 KWt.
Main power unit is of diesel-electric type. It consists of 4 main diesel-generators of 830 KWt of electrical capacity each; they serve main electrical vessel's system.
To improve manoeuvrability at low speed, during passing the narrow waters and during mooring operations the bow thruster of the "screw in the pipe" type with fixed pitch propeller with input capacity of 55 kW is provided.
Keel of PV09 vessel (building No. 100) was laid on 18.03.14.


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Marine Engineering Bureau - non-state design and engineering company, recognized by the Russian Maritime Register of shipping, Russian River Register and the Register of Shipping of Ukraine.

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