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"Yuzhniy Sevastopol" Yard put into operation the second DCV52 platform vessel "Valeriy Onischuk" intended for Far East Region

The second DCV52 dry cargo platform vessel "Valeriy Onischuk" retuned from trials on 01.04.2014.
DCV52 project is dimensional modernized platform vessel of D080M project. Modernization is completed by "Yuzhniy Sevastopol" Ship repairing yard.
Project of modernization was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) according to the requirements of Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping due to vessel's class notation KM L4 R2.
The vessels of DCV52 project are intended for port roads transshipment of coal and also for transportation of general and bulk cargoes on the open deck, which don't suffer from wetting, including metal, timber, coal, large-size and heavy cargoes.
The main area of vessels' operation is expected in the Far East at the ports of Sakhalin, so the dimensions of the vessel were chosen in accordance with ports' dimensions.
The vessel is single-deck twin-screw motor ship with a cargo bunker on the main deck, with forecastle and poop, with the engine room and deck-house located aft.
Vessels' characteristics are as follows:
Overall length (with guardrail) is about 75.00 m;
Length between perpendiculars is of 71.47 m;
Designed length by RS Rules is of 71.13 m;
Overall breadth (with guardrail) is of 10.50 m;
Designed breadth is of 16.00 m;
Summer free board draught for international voyages is of 3.24 m;
Deadweight at summer free board draught is of 1841 t;
Draught for RS R3 class (port roads and coastal sailing, transshipment of cargoes) is of 3.364 m;
Deadweight in the R3 area is of 1992 t;
Permissible load on cargo deck is of 5.5 t/sq. m.
The autonomy of the vessel was essentially increased (up to 50 days) by installation of additional fuel oil tanks during modernization process.
The following changes were made to vessel's hull, as follows:
• aft end is changed from cruiser type to transom one;
• length of forecastle is reduced;
• length of the vessel is reduced by the removal of cylindrical body part;
• length of poop is reduced;
• living superstructure is reduced;
• new coamings of the cargo bunker are installed.
Gate is foreseen in the new cargo bunker coamings StB. This gate ensures possibility of port mechanization usage for unloading operations.
Vessel's crew is of 14 persons. The following areas are provided for crew's arrangement on poop deck:
• two single block-cabins with office, bedroom, shower, toilet and wash basin;
• twelve single cabins with wash basin.
Sanitary cabin is foreseen on board.
New radio equipment is installed; it allows to operate vessel in marine regions A1, A2, A3.
Guardrail is installed along the vessel's sides and aft transom. It is made from rubber profile 250x250 mm, which is attached to the metal strips by bolts. The calculated reaction force is of 392 kN.
The bow thruster of the "screw in the pipe" type in installed to improve maneuverability in conditions of restricted dimensions of the Sakhalin ports.


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Marine Engineering Bureau - non-state design and engineering company, recognized by the Russian Maritime Register of shipping, Russian River Register and the Register of Shipping of Ukraine.

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