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MEB invites to visit its stand at the International Shipbuilding Exhibition SMM 2014

We invite you to visit Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) stand (No. 501, hall B7) at the International Shipbuilding Exhibition SMM 2014 at Hamburg in the period from 9 till 12 of September, 2014 (stand's position)).
172 river, sea going and river-sea going vessels were built due to 62 projects designed by Marine Engineering Bureau during 2002-2012 period (up to 20.08.2012). Moreover, 17 vessels are under finished building stage after launching and 35 vessels were on building berths of shipyards on this date.
New vessels which were put into operation include, as follows:
• 3 multifunctional ocean 4 MW salvage vessels of "Spasatel Karev" type with Arc5 Arctic ice class;
• 71 tankers, chemical/oil tankers and bunkering tankers of such types as "Armada", "New Armada", "VF Tanker", "Alexander Shemagin", "Paloil", "Aston", "Roschem", "Kazan", "Ecomariner" etc;
• 85 multipurpose river-sea and restricted marine regions dry cargo vessels of such types as "Heydar Aliev", "Mirzaga Khalilov", "Caspian Express", "Azov Max", "Karelia", "Chelsea", "Khazar", "Nadezhda", "Tanais", "Geroi Stalingrada", "Sviatoj Georgiy", "Ommax", "Ptich", "UCF", "Leda", "Neva-Leader", etc.;
• 21 ocean dry cargo vessels of such types as "EMI Proud", "Amethyst", "Sparta", "Saxona", "Scala", "Eren-C", "Kaya Pioneer", etc.;
• 8 train ferryboats of such types as "Petrovsk", "Skif", "Avangard", "Baltiysk", "Slavyanin" and "Ulfat";
• 7 ice class bulk carriers of such types as "Grumant", "OBAHAN-C", "BEHCET-C";
• 4 livestock carriers;
• 4 marine diving vessels of "Stolniy Grad Yaroslavl" type;
• 4 shallow draught icebreaking tugs of "Portoviy" type;
• 4 supply platform vessels with fore ramp for Kamchatka of "Sosnovka" type;
• 3 supply tugs for Caspian Sea of "Phoenix" type;
• 3 multipurpose buoy-laying vessels of "Dmitriy Sirotkin" and "Ladozhskiy" types;
• 2 non-self-propelled scows with self-opening hull of "KSH-1" type;
• 2 marine dry cargo platform vessels of "Andrey Artemenko" type;
• automobile-passenger ferryboat of "Nikolay Aksenenko" type;
• LPG gas carrier of "Bulmarket" type;
• river passenger cruise vessel of "Alexander Grin" type;
• short sea cruise vessel for Russian Black Sea coast of "Imperia" type;
• coastal navigation running boats "Neva", "Bars" and "Caucasus" for VIP passengers;
• ship-handling tugboat "Bulbash".
This moment a lot of vessels are under building, e.g.: multifunctional ice-breaker 7 MW and 4MW salvage vessels; 2 bulk ecologic vessels of "Ecolog-1" type, 3 supply tankers of "Rassvet" type, arctic supply tankers of "Academic Pashin" type, unique combined platform tankers of "BF Tanker" type, PV09 high comfortable cruise passenger vessel, river cruise passenger vessel of "Il'ych" type, up-to-date marine and river-sea dry cargo vessels and tankers of such types as "Svyatoy knyaz Vladimir", "Gloster", "Novaya Armada", "Alexander Shimagin", "VF Tanker", "Neva Leader", "Vega-1", "Azovskiy pyatitysyachnil" and some other innovation vessels.
Vessels due to Bureau's projects that are under building:
at Russian Shipyards:
• Neva Shipyard (Shlisselburg);
• Sosnovka Shipyard;
• Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard (Nizhniy Novgorod);
• Oka Shipyard (Navashino);
• Yaroslavl Shipyard;
• Brothers Nobel Shipyard (Rubinsk);
• Lotos Shipyard (Astrakhan);
• Onega Shipyard (Petrozavodsk);
• Amur Shipyard;
• Volga Shipyard;
at Ukrainian Shipyards:
• Kherson Shipyard;
at Turkish Shipyards:
• Beshiktash Shipyard (Yalova);
• Turkter Shipyard (Tuzla);
• Armada Shipyard (Izmir);
at German Shipyards:
• Nordic Yards (Wismar)
and at some other shipyards.
Bureau carries out works for:
• Maritime and River Fleet Federal Agency of Russian Federation Ministry of Transport;
and leading native shipowners such as:
• Universal Cargo Logistics Transport Holding (Volga-Balt Company, North-West Shipping Company, Volgoflot, VF tanker, Neva Shipyard, Borremflot, "Oka" Shipyard);
• Moscow River Shipping Company;
• Palmali Group of Companies;
• Volgotrans Shipping Company;
• Lena United River Shipping Company;
• North Shipping Company;
• Transkor Corporation (Anship Company);
• Aston Company;
• Ug Rusi Company;
• OMS Shipping Company;
• Blue Wave Shipping Company;
• ARK Shipping Company;
• Black Sea Shipping Management Company;
• Marship Company;
• Ukrvodshlyakh Government Enterprise;
• Ukrrechflot Shipping Company;
• United Cargo Fleet Company,
and many others.
Scientific qualification, extensive experience of the particular developments, modern computer technologies and advanced infrastructure, available for employees of the Marine Engineering Bureau, allow solving the problems arising at operation of ships qualitatively and in the shortest terms.

Our motto remains unchanged - "Reliability, efficiency and the European quality".


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Marine Engineering Bureau - non-state design and engineering company, recognized by the Russian Maritime Register of shipping, Russian River Register and the Register of Shipping of Ukraine.

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