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Ingosstrakh Insurance Company Paid USD 4.18 M Due to the Loss of the Pacha-cutec 65 Vessel

Ingosstrakh Insurance Company paid insurance indemnity in the amount of more than USD 4.18 m under the hull insurance contract of the fishing vessel Pachacutec 65 (Alejandra) owned by Corporación Pesquera Inca S.A.C. Company (Peru).

Pachacutec 65 fishing boat was insured by Ingosstrakh Insurance Company against the risks of total loss and damage.

On November 15, 2013, the vessel, which was fishing in a few dozen miles from port Huacho (Peru), capsized and sank. Luckily, there were no casualties and no one was injured. As Pachacutec 65 sank at the depth of over 400 meters, bringing the sunken vessel up to the surface was not feasible.

According to the opinion prepared by experts who were employed by Ingosstrakh Insurance Company to participate in the investigation, the accident was caused by a mistake of the crew. According to the results of the expert examination, the case was recognized to be an insured accident, and Ingosstrakh Insurance Company paid the ship-owner insurance indemnity in the amount of USD 4.18 m.

Ingosstrakh Insurance Company has cooperated with Corporación Pesquera Inca S.A.C. in the sphere of vessel insurance since 2011.

Corporación Pesquera Inca S.A.C.'s core activities are fishing and production and sales of fish meal and fish oil. The company was founded in 1994 in Lima, Peru. COPEINCA S.A.C. operates 28 vessels equipped with special refrigerating units that are used to deliver fresh fish to the six fish processing factories owned by the company.


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