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LLC for Australian Navy

Navantia has launched on 27th. April 2015 the last LLC fast landing craft for the Royal Australian Navy.

The contract for the construction of the series of 12 LLC was signed in September 2011 and the works have been executed in the Bay of Cádiz.

The landing crafts are destined to operate with the ALHD “Canberra” and ALHD “Adelaide”, strategic projection ships, similar to LHD ”Juan Carlos I”.

Fluidmecanica has supplied the ventilation system for the engine room.

Two hydraulic air blowers can extract up to 17000 m3/h.
Pumps attached to the main engines provide the hydraulics.

Control system allow constant airflow at any rpm of the main engine.

The systems has been qualified under NATO requirements.

The main characteristics of the ships are:
  •  Lenght overall: 23.30 m.
  •  Propulsion: 2x 809 kW waterjets
  •  Speed: more than 20 knots

Loading capacity: Abrams vehicle, several Army vehicles, fusiliers’ company or 20 feet container truck.


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