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Brief totals of Marine Engineering Bureau 2015 work

20 new vessels were constructed and accepted into operation due to projects of Marine Engineering Bureau in 2015, as follows: 10 tankers, 3 combined vessels, 2 multifunctional ice-breaker 7 MW salvage vessels with Icebreaker 6 category, 2 river ecologic tanker vessels, 1 multifunctional 4 MW salvage vessels with Arc 5 ice category, 1 river floating heliport pontoon / berth, 1 marine floating berth.
Total vessels' deadweight is 92.5 thousand tons:
2 multifunctional ice-breaker 7 MW salvage vessels with Icebreaker 6 class of MPSV06 prj. (Nordic Yards Wismar Gmbh, Wismar, Germay);
MPSV06 prj. was accepted as the best innovation decision in the sphere of the transport mechanisms at the "Movement formula" competition concerning innovation technology usage for transport enterprises; competition was a part of the IX International Forum "Russian Transport-2015".
1 multifunctional 4 MW salvage vessels with ice category Arc 5 of MPSV07 prj. (Neva Shipyard, Shlisselburg);
Four multifunctional salvage vessels with ice category are built by Russian shipyard and are unique ones by their equipment and available technology. The first three ones are used by "Marine Salvage Service of RosMorRechFlot" at the different conditions and situations for fulfilment aims of salvage duty.
7 oil/chemical tankers of RST22M prj. for Palmali Group of Companies (Malta);
THIRTY ONE tankers of three Armada series were totally built during 2002-2015 period. New generation of the Russian river-sea tankers of the XXI centaury have begun just from these vessels. Usage of full-turn rudder propellers as movement and manoeuvre unit, usage of submersible pumps, absence of longitudinal bulkhead in CL, full absence of a framing in cargo tanks, enhanced trunk and high block coefficient are characteristic features.
3 unique combined platform tankers with record river deadweight 5745 t "Balt Flot" type, RST54 prj. (Oka Shipyard, Navashino);
Britain Royal Institution of Naval Architects included RST54 in the list of the best vessels of the year (Significant Ships of 2014). On 22.10.2015 m/v "Balt Flot 3" after masut unloading at the port of Vysotsk for the first time brought dry cargo (crushed stone) as a back voyage transportation from Karelian port of Ropruchey to Severniy River port of Moscow. It was the first RST54 vessel round voyages with loading for both directions.
3 "super fat" river-sea oil/chemical tankers of RST27 prj. (Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard, Nizhniy Novgorod);
On 30.09.2015 Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard put into operation the 17th for this shipyard (and 32nd the series) "super fat" RST27 oil/chemical tanker of "Volgo-Don Max" type with river/sea deadweight about 7022/5420 t.
Britain Royal Institution of Naval Architects included RST27 in the list of the best vessels of the year (Significant Ships of 2012 and Significant Ships of 2013).
2 river ecologic tanker vessels of RT29 prj (Sosnovka shipyard);
1 river floating heliport pontoon / berth of RHP01 prj. (Neva Shipyard, Shlisselburg);
1 marine floating berth of SB02 prj. (Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod Shipyard, Bor).
This moment a lot of vessels are under building:
• 2 multipurpose ice-breaker 22 MW supply vessels with Icebreaker 8 class;
• 1 multifunctional ice-breaker 7 MW salvage vessel;
• 4 multifunctional 5.2 MW small draught salvage/tug vessels for Arctic navigation;
• 3 buoy-laying vessels for RosMorPort;
• Arctic supply tanker of "Academik Panshin" type;
• unique combined platform tankers of "BF Tanker" type;
• high comfortable cruise PV09 passenger vessel "Tanais";
• river cruise passenger vessel "Alexey Kosygin";
• 1 multifunctional tugboat with firefighting functions,
today marine and river-sea dry cargo vessels and tankers of the following types:
• "Sviatoy knyaz Vladimir";
• "Gloster";
• "New Armada";
• "Alexander Shemagin";
• "VF Tanker";
• "Neva Leader";
• "Ediniy";
• "Azovskiy Pyatitysyachnik"
and some other innovation vessels.
In 2015 Marine Engineering Bureau actively worked out scientific researchers; results of investigations and new designs were introduced at 14 International Conferences through the world; bureau's staff published about 90 works.


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Marine Engineering Bureau - non-state design and engineering company, recognized by the Russian Maritime Register of shipping, Russian River Register and the Register of Shipping of Ukraine.

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