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FURUNO launches the new Radar FAR-15x3 series/FAR-15x8 series

FURUNO is pleased to announce that two new Radar models FAR-15x3 series and FAR-15x8 series will be ready for launch very shortly. These two Radar models have been developed with the concept of delivering high performance and excellent operability at the same time.

The FAR-15x8 series fully meets the latest performance standard of IMO for all Cat.2 Radar (19-inch display is required for Radar effective diameter of 250 mm) and Cat.3 Radar (15-inch display is required for Radar effective diameter of 180 mm).

FAR-15x3 series is non-IMO Radar suitable for workboats and fishing vessels. Nevertheless, its performance and function match those of FAR-15x8 series Radar.
Features of the FAR-15x3 and FAR-15x8 series Radar are as follows:
1. Target Analyzer™ (for FAR-15x3 series)
FAR-15x3 series have a new innovative function "Target Analyzer™" that displays moving targets, stationary targets, rain, sea surface and targets closing in on your vessel in different colors. Target Analyzer™ can improve situational awareness, hence supporting safety of vessel operation.

2. Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) function
ACE delivers decluttered echo presentation with a single press of a dedicated key.
When ACE is in action, gain control, sea surface clutter and rain clutter control are adjusted automatically.
Therefore, the operator is released from troublesome radar adjustment work and is able to concentrate on the task of operating a vessel.

ACE is based on FURUNO's unique and advanced signal processing technology, which is used for our latest chart radar as well.

3. Fast Target Tracking™
In target tracking, the acquisition speed has been improved as a speed and course vector is displayed in a matter of seconds after selecting any target.

4. Enhanced usability on the control unit
A touchpad is employed on the standard control unit, offering durability and intuitive operation. The trackball control unit is also connectable as an option to support single hand operation.

5. A variety of display modes (for FAR-15x3 series)
User can select display mode according to the need of the operators, including full screen Radar echo presentation, for example.

FAR-15x3 series is supplied as black box configuration (a display is customer supply).

Should you require any additional information, kindly contact:
Ms. Mette Møland
Marketing Coordinator


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For further information, kindly contact:
European Branch Office
Ms. Mette Møland
Marketing Coordinator


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