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FESCO to provide pilotage of tankers and gas carrier vessels under the Project "Sakhalin-2"

FESCO Transportation Group begins winter navigation at Aniva Bay, carrying out pilotage of tankers and gas carrier vessels under the contract with Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd., operator of the «Sakhalin-2» Project.

The icebreaker «Kapitan Klebnikov» arrived at the port of Prigorodnoye (south of Sakhalin Island) on February 2, 2016.

To complete these pilotages is scheduled for the end of March 2016, but duration and intensity of the icebreaker’s work will depend on weather and ice conditions at Aniva Bay.

FESCO provides ice pilotage of tankers and gas carrier vessels under the Project «Sakhalin-2» annually since 2009. Also FESCO icebreakers «Admiral Makarov» and «Krasin» carry out navigation of Aframax crude oil tankers (deadweight over 100,000 tons) from the port of De-Kastri through the Tatar Strait under the contract with Exxon Neftegas Limited, operator of the «Sakhalin-1» Project.


Please see FESCO Transportation Group company electronic office

Maria Kobzeva
Tel.: (495) 926-80-00

Yulia Boltremyuk
“елефон: (423) 252-10-23

FESCO Transportation Group is one of Russia’s largest transportation and logistics holdings and a leader of the container transportation market in the Far East region.

FESCO is the only company in Russia capable of uniting all of the links in the intermodal transportation value chain for cargo transportation from the largest ports in the Asia-Pacific region through the Russian transcontinental transit route to European ports.

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