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The results of North-Western Shipping CompanyТs performance during the first half-year of 2016

During the first half-year of 2016 the volume of shipments undertaken by the vessels of North-Western Shipping Company (NWSC) (the company is a member of UCL Holding) equaled to 2.6 million tons, which is 8% higher than the volume during the corresponding period last year.

0,8 million tons (which equals to 30%) of the shipping overall was conducted by the new vessels of NWSC — 10 vessels of DCV36 project (lead ship — «Amethyst») and 7 vessels of RSD49 «Neva-Leader» project.

The structure of shipping did not undergo any major changes during the first half-year of 2016. The following shipments were conducted by the vessels of NWSC: 802 thousand tons of grain cargo (+50%), 387 thousand tons of ferrous materials (-25%), 420 thousand tons of chemical and mineral fertilizers (-8%), 336 thousand tons of coal (a twofold increase), 118 thousand tons of non-ferrous metals (+8%), 121 thousand tons of timber cargo (-29%), 118 thousand tons of scrap metal cargo (+8%), 85 thousand tons of construction cargo (a 2.3 times increase), 237 thousand tons of other types of cargo.

The majority of shipping — 1,9 million tons which equals to 73% — was formed by export cargo of the shipping company, its quantity growing by 26%. The majority of the exported range of items was formed by grain cargo — 665 thousand tons (+52%), ferrous materials — 350 thousand tons (-22%), coal — 319 thousand tons (a twofold increase), chemical and mineral fertilizers — 283 thousand tons (+82.6%), non-ferrous metals — 66 thousand tons (+50%).

The transportation between foreign ports equaling to 579 thousand tons which forms 22% of the overall volume, shrank by 26% for the most part at the expense of the major types of cargo of that sector — timber cargo, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and fertilizers.

The volume of import cargo shipping of the shipping company fell by 29% to 87 thousand tons, which was caused by the reduction of cargo traffic of ferrous materials, construction cargo and fertilizers from the European countries to Russia. The import ratio in the general volume of traffic equaled to 3,3% during the first half-year of 2016.

The domestic intra-Russia shipping that consisted for the most part of construction cargo shipping equaled to 63 thousand tons, which is a 4.5 times increase of the index.


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North-Western Shipping Company (NWSC) (the company is a member of UCL Holding) is the largest carrier in the Russian system of waterways, specializing on the export-import shipping of bulk, general and project cargoes, towages of oversized cargo and craft.
The company provides a full range of transport services on the inland waterways of Russia and international sea traffic.

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