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FSUE "Rosmorport" Fleet Replenishment

On August 26, 2016 Krutoyar buoy-inspection boat arrived in the seaport Big Port Saint Petersburg. The same day act of transfer of the vessel to FSUE “Rosmorport” was signed.

At the beginning of August Krutoyar successfully completed running trials in the Lake Onega water area. It is the first of two motor boats of the 02780ћ project built at the Onezhsky Ship Building and Ship Repairing Plant under the FSUE “Rosmorport” order.

The motor boat is planned to be operated within the North-Western Basin Branch responsibility area and in the seaports of Vyborg and Vysotsk water areas.

For reference:

Krutoyar buoy-inspection boat was launched on April 27, 2016 and is intended for servicing of navigational aids (NA) ensuring navigation safety in the seaports water area, as well as for transportation and servicing of medium sea buoys with anchor gears.

Main specifications:

Vessel class

  ћ  Ice3 R3-RSN AUT3

Length overall, m    


Breadth overall, m


Draft overall, m


Speed, knots


Crew / Special personnel, persons


Cruising range according to fuel supplies, nautical miles


Total power main engines, kW



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Enterprise Mission
• FSUE “Rosmorport” is to contribute into development of the Russian sea transport infrastructure and higher competitiveness of the Russian seaports, by means of effective use, maintenance and development of the assigned federal property in the seaports.
• To take an active part in realization of federal target programs of the Russian sea transport development.
• To provide safe navigation in the water area and on the ways to seaports.

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