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Onega Shipyard launches buoy boat of project 02780M

On April 27th, 2016 the Onega Shipyard (Petrozavodsk, Karelia) hold the launching ceremony of the Project 02780M Krutoyar buoy boat, and on June 10th, 2016 launched the Yury Romanchenko boat of the same project.

The vessel’s mission is to maintain the navigation aids ensuring safe shipping in the harbor basins of the Russian sea ports. The vessel will be deployed by the North-West Basin Branch of Rosmorport FSUE.

For this project Fluidmecanica has designed and built the following deck machinery:

• Anchor-mooring capstan
    Pull: 8,173 kN
    Chain: ∅14 mm, K2
• Anchor-mooring capstan
    Pull: 6,5 kN
    Chain: ∅12.5 mm, K2
• Horizontal capstan:
    Pull: 80 kN
• Tunnel thruster:
    Power: 8 kW
• Hydraulic crane:
    Max. lifting moment: 25 T.m
    Max. horizontal reach: 6.5 m
    Max. load at 6.5 m: 2800 kg

During the summer holidays the government of the Republic of Karelia organizes specialized scientifically and technically-oriented camps. For 5 to 7 Year pupils of the government-run educational institutions of Karelia the "Aviastart" camp for training basic skills in ship and aeromodelling was held from June 20th to June 24th, 2016. Under this program the children visited the "Onega Shipyard LLC" production shops. They were accompanied by Yuri Petrovich Gornak, the yard chief engineer.


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