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ZPMCs two multipurpose vessels win innovation award in UK

Recently, during 2016 IHS Dredging & DPS Port Construction Innovation Awards Ceremony held in London, the two multipurpose vessels “NDEAVOR” and “NDURANCE” constructed and delivered by ZPM won the dredging vessel innovation award. 

 The judging panel highly praised the design innovation and versatility of the two vessels.  The two vessels can be used for dredging, transportation and placement of rocks, solid ballast, installation of offshore structures and other forms of operations and can also be used as cable-laying ship.

 NDURANCE multipurpose vessel can also be equipped with automatic trenching equipment to dig 3-meter-deep trenches on the sea bed for laying cables.  The new jet trencher equipped on NDEAVOR can bury the laid cables to a greater depth.
After delivery, the two vessels have achieved good performance and high efficiency in actual use and gained good market reputation. Especially in the operation in 2015, they displayed excellent marine engineering performance. In December 2012, ZPMC delivered two multipurpose dynamic positioning vessels to Netherlands’ Royal BOSKALIS.
 This project consists of 2 vessels of the same type, which were registered by UK Lloyd Register.
 The hull of the vessel is 99 meters long, the molded breadth 30 meters, the molded depth 7 meters, and the draught 4.8 meters. The vessel bottom is strengthened and it is capable of submersible operations on shoals. The vessel adopts electric propulsion and is equipped with 6-point mooring positioning system as well as advanced DP-2 dynamic positioning system, capable of paving rocks on sea bed, laying, burying and salvaging submarine cables and other marine engineering tasks. For Chinese manufacturing industry, the vessel is the first oversea order of cable-laying vessel and is of landmark significance for ZPMC to open European cable-laying vessel market.


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