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ZPMCs MDG Project goes live successfully

On January 20, ZPMC held a summary meeting for the going live of its master data management platform (hereinafter referred to as MDG), indicating that the first successful case of Sap MDG in the domestic industry was born. Meanwhile, it is also an ice breaking project of ZPMC, unveiling ZPMC’s comprehensive informationization construction.

The future world is a world of data. Data asset will be the core asset of an enterprise. ZPMC, as representative of the equipment manufacturing enterprise sector of CCCC, urgently needs to implement its digital transformation and upgrading.  In order to quickly implement the results of standardization, strengthen data base of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and achieve overtaking with “ZPMC 4.0”, ZPMC launched MDG, a critical basic data management project, according to the blueprint of informationized top-level design.

There are two highlights in ZPMC’s MDG as follows. First, ZPMC established and implemented unified, scientific and reasonable data standards and regulations meeting its business requirements within the group, and build an effective master data maintenance organization and management process with process modeling tools, forming a set of master data management system.  Second, ZPMC reserved a number of interfaces by building enterprise service bus (ESB), which not only achieved docking with the financial master data system of CCCC, completed integration with ZPMC’s OA system, INSPUR financial system, production material system, design and R&D middleware system, etc. and realized comprehensive integration and sharing of master data at all levels and in all systems.

Currently, the construction of phase 2 of ZPMC’s MDG is actively prepared. On the one hand, the construction of MDG platform will serve the internal organization of ZPMC; on the other hand, its material classification rules in the master data standardization system, the attribute template and other aspects can be extended to serve the equipment manufacturing sector of CCCC. Various experience obtained from the project construction are of referential significance to CCCC and ZPMC’s associate units. It is expected that the follow-up construction of MDG will make better contributions to the development of the overall master data management system of CCCC.


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