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SPB Marine staff gives a lecture to future mechanics

General Manager of the SPB Marine LLC Dmitry Kutuzov and Leading Engineer Kirill Stroganov spoke to the third-year students of the Department of Marine Engineering and the teachers of the College.

Dmitry Kutuzov, one of the graduates of the College, shared his knowledge of the labor markets for young professionals with the students, described staff selection methods at the SPB Marine and gave some tips on employment interview.

Kirill Stroganov told about modern high-speed diesel generators on the example of Scania, described their capabilities and potential, applicable fuels and environmental standards. Teachers as well as students showed a great interest in the topic and asked a lot of questions. The greatest interest was on the features and operation of high-speed engines, the Common Rail system composition and modern fuels used in Russia.

"The company organizes these meetings with the College students about once a year and none of them is the same. This time, I am pleased to note that students have shown the greatest interest in practical issues related to their specialty, guiding our conversation to the topics they are interested in," Dmitry Kutuzov said.

SPB Marine wishes to thank the Head of the Department of Marine Engineering of the College Victor Likhachev, who organized this meeting, as well as professionals and teachers, Alexey Bukhalev and Sergey Kaverin, taking active part in the discussion.


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SPB Marine operates as a seller of engines, generating sets and relevant equipment for marine and industrial applications on the territory of Russia and CIS.
SPB Marine LLC is an official dealer of Scania Company, a distributor of Bukh Company and a service dealer of Twin Disc Company.

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