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Nor-Shipping demands industry #ACTION after defining 2019

Per Martin Tanggaard, Nor-Shipping Director, has issued a call for the maritime and ocean industries to rise to the challenges on the horizon and demonstrate the tangible #ACTION theyТre taking at, and before, the next Nor-Shipping in 2021. Tanggaard believes that, with pressing environmental and business challenges and opportunities at hand, the industry has a need to convey to all stakeholders, including society at large, that it is moving beyond words and ideas to ambitious, impactful ocean action.

Adding real value

УThis is not a criticism, this is not a complaint, this is a requirement for us, all of us, as an industry,Ф he explains. УAwareness of environmental issues, particularly those related to our СhomeТ the ocean, is growing exponentially. Society sees us using this invaluable resource but they donТt always see us taking the necessary action to protect it.

УAt the same time the untapped business potential here is huge, with new possibilities for satisfying a growing global populationТs energy, nutritional and logistics/trade demands. Business stakeholders want companies to deliver added value and, with the unique competency of our maritime professionals, knowledge and assets, we have the means to do so. But we must do so responsibly.

УI believe platforms like Nor-Shipping are tailormade for us to demonstrate our worth to the world Ц for companies, organisations and individuals to say; Сthis is what weТre doing, this is the value we deliver, this is how weТre making a positive difference. This is the future, now.Т Nor-Shipping exists to support the sustainable development of our industry. I believe this message is key to that aim.Ф

Positioning for success

TanggaardТs comments come in the aftermath of Nor-ShippingТs most successful ever year. 2019 saw the event week reposition as СYour Arena for Ocean SolutionsТ, embracing a broader industry perspective to help enable new business opportunities.

It was a move that seemingly paid significant dividends, with around 50,000 people from over 85 nations participating in the Lillestrøm-based exhibition and accompanying activities in nearby Oslo. This represented a 34% increase over Nor-Shipping 2017, while the entire hall space was completely filled Ц for the first time ever Ц with exhibitors from some 47 countries.

Nor-Shipping is now looking to consolidate that success in 2021 (with a programme running from 1-4 June) and build on its ocean business mission. Tanggaard believes the action theme sends a clear message to the market and wider world.

Platform for progress

УThere was a palpable sense of optimism at Nor-Shipping 2019,Ф he says, Уwith a great deal of talk about new innovations, collaborations, business models and services Ц all focused on unlocking the opportunity in our oceans. For the next Nor-Shipping weТd love to be able to show the world how those intentions and plans are starting to come to fruitionЕ how progress is actually being made.

УWe need real action to enable a sustainable future for the industry, and society, with the IMO and new requirements at the forefront, demands it!Ф he concludes. УNor-Shipping will do all it can to facilitate, support and celebrate key achievements Ц for the next two years and far beyond.Ф

According to Nor-Shipping, stands are already selling fast within its 22,500 sq. m exhibition space. Companies that want to retain previous positions are being encouraged to book prior to 31 January 2020.


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