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Volvo Penta uses pilot technology in one of the UK’s first hybrid crew transfer vessels

In close collaboration with electrification experts, Danfoss Editron, Volvo Penta is powering two hybrid vessels using pilot technology. Set to be launched in summer 2021 these vessels are an innovative combination of integrated electric Volvo Penta Inboard Performance Systems (IPS), state-of-the-art gensets, and advanced vessel management systems.

In spring 2020 the Volvo Penta team took on a new and exciting pilot project for longtime customer and Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System (IPS) user, MHO&Co. This Danish operator’s mission was to create two hybrid crew transfer vessels (CTVs) for operator Ørsted – one of the world’s biggest wind farm operators. Combining the best-in-class propulsion – Volvo Penta IPS – and Danfoss Editron’s expertise in marine electrification systems and in-house designed electric propulsion motors and generators, the companies are working on creating an advanced hybrid solution that has maximum uptime, efficiency, and maneuverability.

“At Volvo Penta, we are always striving for innovative and sustainable solutions to customers’ challenges,” says Peter Granqvist, Chief Technology Officer, Volvo Penta. “One of the best ways to advance our technology is to take on these bold projects and work collaboratively with other technology leaders. This project is teaching us a lot about experimental technical solutions, and we are excited to see the outcomes and learn more. As a pilot project, this system is not immediately for sale.”

The 35-m (82-ft) CTVs – designed by MHO&Co in cooperation with Incat Crowther in the UK and Australia and built by Afai Southern Shipyard in China – is a global collaboration. Both vessels will be capable of carrying 24 crew and fitted with a large lounge area and eight cabins. The CTVs will serve Ørsted’s Hornsea Two offshore wind farm, which will be from 56 Nm (89 km) to 65 Nm (120 km) off the Yorkshire coast in the North Sea. We expect it to enter operation in 2021.


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