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The World Ocean Council (WOC) is proud to announce that DMEC (Dutch Marine Energy Centre), an accelerator for marine energy solutions, has joined the WOC.

DMEC is on a mission to accelerate marine energy solutions: innovations able to harvest energy stored in our rivers, seas and oceans. Unique properties of energy stored in water, like predictability of the energy output, complement wind and solar energy. Marine energy therefore represents the third needed source of renewable energy to make the future energy system work.

DMEC delivers services to advance innovation and business growth of marine energy technology companies in the fields of tidal energy, wave energy, energy from thermal gradients and energy from salinity gradients. Besides that, DMEC mobilises public and private capital, shapes national and international policies, and facilitates the adoption of marine energy solutions in various markets. DMEC collaborates in 6 European public private partnerships together with 75 international partners. Via these partnerships, DMEC channels about €60M of public and private investments into the sector and have accelerated over 125 marine energy companies.

Justin den Hartog, DMEC COO said: "Joining the World Ocean Council offers the opportunity to engage with leading ocean stakeholders and industry. In our mission to accelerate marine energy solutions, cross-sectoral collaboration and access to global ocean business and investment are key. We look forward to further exploring collaboration opportunities to grow the marine energy sector and realise large-scale deployments in existing and new markets.”

Paul Holthus, WOC Founding President and CEO said: “Marine energy will play a significant role in the future energy system as it contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, mitigates climate change and stimulates economic growth. DMEC is helping lead the way in ocean energy innovation and development to realize that important potential”.

Next to producing clean energy to enrich and balance the renewable energy mix, marine energy offers multi value propositions in collaboration with the infrastructure, transport, offshore, utilities and public sectors. Marine energy solutions can be used to generate utility scale grid electricity and to increase the value of infrastructures, both in delta and coastal regions. Barriers, bridges, coastal defences and break waters can be energised and marine energy technologies can be combined with offshore wind to create future energy parks. Smart off-grid solutions can be deployed to decarbonise offshore infrastructures and enable islands and remote areas to become independent of fossil fuels by providing access to modern energy services. Additional benefits of marine energy technologies are heating, cooling and desalination of (drinking) water.

DMEC participates in the WOC Global Blue Economy Innovation Initiatives Network which brings together the growing number of ocean-sustainability related accelerators, incubators, challenge competitions and start-up hubs to:

• Foster communication, coordination and the exchange of best practices among the initiatives/organizations
• Catalyse synergies among ocean sustainability-related innovation initiatives and organizations
• Increase the focus of innovation initiatives on core sustainable development challenges/issues facing ocean industries
• Better connect innovation initiatives to the market, i.e. ocean business and industry
• Increase investment community awareness of the initiatives/organizations and their outputs, i.e. start-ups, scaleups, etc. by linking Network participants to the WOC Ocean Investor group


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