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SCHOTTEL propels first fully electric ferry “Sandøy” for Brevik Fergeselskap

German propulsion expert SCHOTTEL has delivered main propulsion units for a 42-metre ferry to Netherlands-based Holland Shipyards Group. The recently launched “Sandøy” is the first fully electric ferry for the Norwegian operator Brevik Fergeselskap and is equipped with two SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers. It will operate within the waters of Eidangerfjorden, southeastern Norway, and will connect Brevik with Sandøya and Bjørkøya.

Marco Hoogendoorn, Commercial Director at Holland Shipyards Group: “We have gained profound experience with hybrid and purely electrically powered vessels. Every vessel is unique and has its own requirements. We are pleased to work with trustworthy partners, like SCHOTTEL, that provide us with high quality equipment, which meets the standards we set as a yard.”

Fully electric and emission-free
The main propulsion of “Sandøy” consists of two SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers type SRP 150 L (375 kW each) driven by high-efficiency PEM motors. The thrusters are designed for heavy duty operation and therefore equipped with frequency-controlled planetary steering gear and spur wheel steering. The azimuth thrusters feature a propeller diameter of 1.2 metres and the SCHOTTEL VarioDuct high-efficiency nozzle SDV45. This allows the vessel to hold its position in extremely strong lateral winds and to sail freely in a high efficiency range. Designed by Holland Shipyards Group, the new vessel will be completely emission-free and entirely powered by batteries (1300 kWh).

The 42-metre-long and 11-metre-wide vessel will be able to accommodate up to ninety-eight pedestrians as well as sixteen cars. The new ferry will be ready for service in 2021.


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